5 Best Techie Backpack 2021


With heightened migration to modern technology, most people have put their reliance on tech gadgets. This has pushed most people to look for the best techie backpack. With the IT workers, having the coolest tech backpack is a necessity. If you work in a formal setting, you might also be interested in professional laptop backpacks.

You might only be interested in having a backpack to carry your working apparatus. What if you found a bag that does more than that for a pocket-friendly price? Right, you are up to more surprises if you continue reading. We have compiled the best techie backpacks for your stationery and gadgets. We have also brought you a buying guide to help you make the right choice.

Comparison Table

Kingsons 15.6 inch laptop backpack Foldable to occupy less space
A professional looking backpack ideal for men
Larger compared to other reviewed models here.
Extra handle and pockets
Kingsons 15.6 inch high-quality laptop backpack for men teenager school bag Wear-resistant
splash resistant
Convenient to travel with your suitcase
KALIDI Waterproof Laptop Bag Backpack 15.6-17.3 inch Inner surfaces well padded
USB charging interface well-positioned
Convenience of phone charging and use of headphones
Kingsons New Multifunction 15” Laptop Backpacks Lightweight
Anti-theft design
Convenient to organize different items
Strongly reinforced shoulder straps
Kingsons 13 inch Waterproof Single Shoulder Laptop Backpack Comfortable and easy to carry.
Ideal bag for small laptop
Affordable compared to other models reviewed
Inner bladder that tightens the strap to keep the gadgets safe

Product Review

1. Kingsons 15.6” laptop backpack large capacity.

Are you looking for a slim profile backpack? The Kingsons 15.6 inch laptop backpack large capacity is an excellent choice. The backpack comes with great features that distinguish it from many laptop backpack bags in the market.

The business backpack laptop is three-dimensional, measuring 28cm by 26cm by 48 cm. The polyester-made bag weighs 0.94 kg. It barely reaches a kg, which reduces the weight you have to carry when it’s full.

The tech book bag also proves to be one of the best mens work laptop backpack. Its stylish and original design is great for any man of class. Besides, it offers professional storage with its easy folding to 46cm by 36cm by 8cm.

The backpack also has straps capable of keeping the gadgets intact in the compartments. Other essential features are the side pockets, top pocket, and the convenience of fast charging splash.

Additionally, the bag contains an anti-splashing water protection coat and a breathable material close to the user’s back. The Kingsway Company is a reputable bag-making industry you can trust with more than 20 years of experience.


  • Easy to store
  • Contains a stable shockproof strap
  • Pluggable with Trunk
  • Can accommodate laptops having different thickness
  • Easy to carry
  • Waterproof


  • The bag weighs more compared to other bags reviewed here

2. Kingsons 15.6-inch high-quality laptop backpack for men teenager school bag

This is another backpack for young professionals and teenagers going to school. The bag is made from polyester fiber. It measures 28cm by 8cm by 43cm and a lightweight of 0.74kg.

The Kingsons 15.6″ laptop backpack has outstanding features. It is wear and tear-resistant, splash-proof and water-resistant. Walk around with no fear of rain or accidental water splashes.


The waterproof backpacks for work also contain numerous compartments to store multiple accessories. Don’t be deceived with its slim fit size. If you were looking for laptop bags for a 15-inch laptop, A4 files, a charger, mouse, power bank, sunglasses, keys, phone, and earphones, then you are sorted.

The bag’s compartments will keep every item safe and intact in its place. Besides, the backpack comes with a hidden compartment where you can keep your treasures with thieves ever noticing.


  • It is wear-resistant
  • Made of waterproof materials
  • Contains multiple compartments
  • Contains hidden zippered pockets
  • It is comfortable
  • Convenient to travel with


  • Its slim fit may be impractical for school kids who have to carry learning items with lunch

3. KALIDI Waterproof Laptop Bag Backpack 15.6-17.3 inch

This backpack from KALIDI is worth making it to our list of laptop bag backpacks. The backpack has all the features you could be looking for in top backpacks for laptops. Furthermore, it gives an allowance to get your best size backpack at an affordable price. Its laptop 15-inch backpack measures 47.5cm by 36cm by 15cm. The 17” bag measures 50cm by 34cm by 20cm.

One of this bag’s best features is its convenience to charge your phone and listen to music through your headphones. The USB charging interface is located on one side. Then there is an allowance on the same side of the back pocket where you can keep your phone as it charges. The same interface enables you to pass your headphone cable to listen to your favorite music from your phone. You don’t need to open the hidden zipper.

Additionally, The KALIDI waterproof backpack for laptop has compartments with a strap and outer pockets to keep all your ‘must-carry accessories.’


  • The cloth material used is dense with a well-functioning zipper.
  • It comes in two sizes.
  • Convenient for safe phone charging and listening to music
  • Have multiple compartments.
  • Inner surfaces are well-padded for the safety of the gadgets.


  • Some customers complained of a lack of carabiners to fasten the straps
  • The top handle may cause discomfort to the neck when carried on the shoulders

4. Kingsons New Multifunction 15” Laptop Backpacks

Kingsons New Multifunction 15″ Laptop Backpacks, without doubt, offers top unique features compared to most urban laptop backpacks. The polyester-made bag weighs 0.66kg with a dimension of 29cm by 15cm by 45cm.

The professional work backpack comes with a sure anti-theft design, with the zip hidden close to the user’s back. The shoulder straps are strongly reinforced to hold a capacity of up to 3 times the national standard. Apart from that, the manufacture has eliminated the common zipper problems to offer you the best quality zipper in this backpack.

Additionally, this Kingsons waterproof laptop backpack offers a comfortable touch, comfortable handle, and an independent shockproof bag for your laptop. It is one of the backpacks with a separate laptop compartment offering maximum safety for your laptop.


  • Lightweight
  • Anti-theft design
  • Shoulder straps are strongly reinforced.
  • Convenient in organizing items with a 180 degrees angle spread
  • Shockproof for the laptop’s safety


  • Only one customer complained of a slight smell, but not very bad.

5. Kingsons 13 inch Waterproof Single Shoulder Laptop Backpack

If you’re tired with double shoulder straps and want something different, we got you covered! The Kingsons 13″ waterproof single shoulder laptop backpack ranks top among mini laptop backpacks.

The KINGSONS bag measures 40cm by 24cm by 11cm. It merely weighs 0.59kg with a computer compartment ideal for a small backpack for 13 laptops.

The light backpack for laptop is also great for a casual outfit. With a patch pocket, you can keep the small collection items on your daily outings. The pocket is convenient; you don’t have to open the main zipper.

Besides, phone charging is enabled with a well-positioned space for your power bank and USB cable connection. The backpack also keeps your items safe from rain or water splash. Its inner bladder tightens the straps in the inner compartments keeping your laptop, phone, notebook, and other accessories safe.


  • The bag is waterproof
  • It is lightweight
  • Multiple compartments
  • Comfortable
  • Anti-theft


  • The bag is of a smaller size which might be impractical with laptops bigger than 14 inches

Buying Guide

Probably you are set to acquire a new bag, but still wondering the most suitable for you. Below is a straightforward buying guide to help you get your most preferred techie backpack. Sometimes, you might have personal preferences, but you will be sure to get the facts to help you make your final decision.

1. Comfort

Cameras, laptops, and some gadgets can be heavy. If you want to keep yourself comfortable carrying your backpack, consider buying a more appropriate backpack.

If you are planning to use your backpack daily, you might opt for lightweight laptop backpacks. This way, you will not need to worry about carrying heavy luggage after filling the backpack.

Besides, you can check on the carry straps. This might as well determine your comfort in carrying the backpack. For the best experience, opt for a backpack having padded shoulder straps. Also, ensure that the straps can be adjusted. This way, you can carry your bag with the length you find most comfortable.

2. Compartments

It is vital to check on the bag design. Don’t look at the size of the bag alone. This might deceive you. Depending on your intended purpose for the bag, check out its interior. If you are looking for a small backpack for a laptop, you might need to settle on a backpack with a computer pocket.

One of the main things that most people ignore is the multiple compartments. The best techie backpack will integrate numerous pockets. This will help keep your various accessories organized.

You might also want to keep your different accessories intact inside the bag. The backpacks having elastic compartments might play a significant role. Some will have straps to keep your belongings intact in the bag.

3. Durability

When going for most long-term investments, you most likely consider durability. Do the same with a techie backpack. This is going to be your daily companion as you commute to work or school. Durability means a lot. The things you can consider to tell that the backpack is durable include:
· The material used to make the backpack
· The stitching and the little details of styling used in the backpack
· The quality of the construction
· The weight the backpack can hold.

As most of these qualities can be evident when you see them, you need to be keen on the backpack’s overall making. Some people will only realize they bought a poor-quality backpack after using it for a while.

To choose quality laptop bags, look for one made with water-resistant and other weather elements resistant material. Also, ensure it is made to withstand daily wear and tear. Check at the stitching. You can draw it apart to ensure it is firmly stitched. Also, the surface you will most use to place it on surfaces should be made with more robust material.

You will want to buy a backpack that will serve you for a long. Be it that you are commuting on foot, in your private car or public transport means, you will realize that you need a strong backpack for holding all your accessories.

4. Padded pockets

This is yet another crucial feature to check before you buy a backpack. Keeping in mind the purpose of the product, you will want no disappointments. The ideal fashion backpack for laptop will have its interior pockets padded.

Storing different accessories in the backpack may give you worries about their safety. Having a thin layer between the pockets might create bumping into each other. Some might also scratch each other.

Different manufacturers will have different approaches to making various products. This means you will have to determine what is best for you regarding inner pockets and compartments. Going for a backpack with well-padded pockets can keep your gadgets safe and last long.

5. Waterproof

When most techie gadgets get exposed to water, they get spoilt. You will also not want your documents’ vital information to be washed away by water. You might not always predict the weather. This means you have to be more careful with how you keep your accessories. Some bags are designed semi-waterproof, and others fully waterproof. To ensure that your belongings are safely kept in the backpack, go for the fully water-resistant laptop backpacks.

6. Price

The price of a particular backpack is another vital factor to consider. When you want the best techie backpack, you will not mind paying any amount for the product. But how do you tell that a particular backpack is worth its price?

To justify any higher price, look at the quality of the bag and the material used. Also, check on its design, both in and outside the bag. More comfortable bags which are waterproofed also tend to cost more. You can also consider the credibility of a particular manufacturer.
To ensure that you get a backpack for your purpose at the right price, look at the features too. Compare various features of different products and determine the backpack that most suits you.

On the other hand, if you have a limited budget on a tech bookbag, look for a specific dominant feature in a particular backpack. This may include backpacks with laptop protection, a light commuter backpack, a waterproof backpack laptop compartment, the most stylish laptop backpack, or a backpack for multiple laptops. Still, there are always affordable backpacks that are worth having and using.

Final Verdict

Probably by now, you have essential information to help you buy the best laptop backpack. However, I have to declare my choice; Kingsons New Multifunction 15” Laptop Backpacks. This is because of its unique features that dominate over the rest.
I was specifically pleased with the backpack’s anti-theft design, Convenience to organize my accessories well, and the strongly reinforced shoulder straps.
However, you know why you chose to look for good computer backpacks. Luckily, the products above rank among the top tech laptop bags you can trust. Besides, they give you value for your money. With varying preferences, I hope you find your most appealing backpack from the 5 stylish laptop bags above. All the best as you go for that new tech backpack!

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